Application of FIPFG polyurethane and single-component silicone seals

application on aluminium, iron, plastic, wood and glass

The latest generation of automated systems, Industry 4.0, working on products of all shapes and materials such as aluminium, iron, plastic, wood and glass. These materials need to be able to seal against water, vapour, dust and absorb both sound and mechanical/acoustic vibration.







The company was founded in 1998 after decades of experience in assembly and subcontracting

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The five elements symbolise the core values of our company:

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We have two-component and one-component foaming equipment, plasma surface treatment equipment, six-axis anthropomorphic machines and three-axis robots equipped with the latest dispensing technology.

Plasma Island

The plasma island consists of a six-axis anthropomorphic rotary gun for surface treatment of various materials.
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Single-Component Silicone Island

System consisting of three-axis robot with three-component mixing head for waterproofing, sealing, gluing and resinating.
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Six-Axis Two-Component Island

The two-component equipment consists of a six-axis anthropomorphic machine, so that a wide variety of products can be produced.
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Two-Component Cartesian Three-Axis Island

A dedicated system with a three-axis robot and a three-component mixing head for critical applications that require the pre-treatment of surfaces with plasma.
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Three-Axis Two-Material Island

System with three-axis robot, two-component mixing head and two-position rotary table, optimised for high-volume production of a single specific material.
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Three-axis Industry 4.0 Island

A system with the ability to receive remote instructions, using a three-axis robot with a three-component mixing head and shuttle table, for specialised applications requiring precise dosing.
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