Our equipment

We have a range of advanced equipment for the production and machining of components: :

for the surface treatment of components. These systems are used to improve the adhesion and surface quality of components, preparing them for subsequent steps in the production process.

Our six-axis anthropomorphic machines and three-axis robots are equipped with advanced dispensing technology.

They allow polyurethane or other materials to be applied directly to products in a precise and controlled manner.

This ensures efficient and high-quality production.

We use special trolleys to ensure proper drying of the components after the material has been applied to ensure even distribution and controlled drying. The dried items are then stored in a temperature-controlled area to maintain their properties.

All these facilities and processes work together to ensure the production of high-quality components using advanced materials and the latest manufacturing technologies.

Plasma Island

The plasma island consists of a six-axis anthropomorphic rotary gun for surface treatment of various materials.

Single-Component Silicone Island

System consisting of three-axis robot with three-component mixing head for waterproofing, sealing, gluing and resinating.

Six-Axis Two-Component Island

The two-component equipment consists of a six-axis anthropomorphic machine, so that a wide variety of products can be produced.

Two-Component Cartesian Three-Axis Island

A dedicated system with a three-axis robot and a three-component mixing head for critical applications that require the pre-treatment of surfaces with plasma.

Three-axis Industry 4.0 Island

A system capable of receiving remote instructions uses a three-axis robot with a three-component mixing head and shuttle table for specialised applications requiring precise dosing.

Three-Axis Two-Material Island

System with three-axis robot, two-component mixing head and two-position rotary table, optimised for high-volume production of a single specific material.